Enterprise CDP Built For You

Managing data has never been easier. Syren Common Data Platform (CDP) is a one-stop data lakehouse with advanced management capabilities that enable you to do more with data.

Data Discovery & Catalog

Everyone can find the data they need. What’s more, they can trust the integrity of the data that the Syren CDP provides.
Pull data through native integrations for common data sources, BI tools, and business and data science applications.
All your important info is stored in one place. Create a central one-stop library of all your important data and metadata assets.
Search across all sources using the names of data and metadata , table, objects or columns, and tags and keywords.

360 Degree Analysis

Metadata to your data

Add context to each data asset through descriptions at the asset and column level. Add additional context through interactive crowdsourcing of metadata. 

Establishing ownership

Assign owners to data ingestion, quality, policy management, and documentation to ensure data governance, quality, and compliance.

Comprehensive reports

Let users keep up with key metrics, like data quality, pipeline issues, and other concerns via Syren CDP’s built-in reporting tools.

Data governance

Restrict access to sensitive data and add masking (hash, redact, or null). Define access policies and establish ownership of each data asset.

Encouraging collaboration

Let users across the organization collaborate and communicate changes seamlessly to create an environment where insights flow freely.

Lineage & Management

Business users can validate report fields by confirming data sources and transformations while performing data discovery at the same time.
Machine learning and data engineering teams can identify stale reports and find data quality issues– before those issues make it into reports for your stakeholders.
Data governance teams can enforce data access control policies by identifying all downstream uses. Plus, they’ll identify issues that cause compliance and storage issues.
IT teams can get insights to improve storage performance, monitor data quality over time, and flag data exfiltration when data is exported outside of the data lakehouse.

Looking to evolve into a data-first organization?
Syren’s CDP helps you do that.


Ensure access to your data in any format and anywhere you wish it to be

Syren CDP does not limit your access to your data. It provides clear access mechanisms to all those who need the data. Use of RBAC and access control lists ensure that you provide reasonable access to those who need it. It also ensures that all those other tools which need access, such as a ML platform, also have access to real-time data from a wide variety of sources easily and readily.

Access data the way you want to!

Syren CDP provides you access to the data where you need it, in a vizualization tool you prefer, your ML tool-set or even direct access via SQL queries.

Analyze it however you want

Enable your business, technical and ML teams to run analytics the way they want, to get the analysis they need to take decisions or to dive deep into analysis.

Start your data journey with Syren’s CDP designed for the data needs of enterprises like yours.

Data Vizualization & Analysis

Optimize performance with meaningful insights

Syren CDP helps you extract insights from your data and get a complete and better view of your business operations. This data-powered, actionable intelligence enables you to detect and address problems early, streamline processes, improve operational efficiency, and improve performance.

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