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While the cloud assures phenomenal efficiency and cost-savings, it is critical to determine which applications, workloads and processes should migrate to the cloud. Many enterprises grapple with reaping the cloud benefits in the absence of well-defined scope and strategy.

At Syren, we have proven experience in migrating complex environments to the cloud seamlessly and cost-effectively. We help you design a customized cloud strategy to improve the performance of your business while ensuring the availability of business-critical applications.

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Syren's Cloud and Digital Transformation Services

Migration Challenges

  1. Many enterprises go ahead with cloud migrations without defining a clear roadmap and fulfilling vital prerequisites. This either results in a failed migration or unsatisfactory outcomes.
  2. Considering the vast number of workloads and transformations involved, cloud migrations can be quite complex. The complexity increases further as the types of workloads and possible transformations increase.
  3. While enterprises can refer to industry best practices to plan and implement migrations, many fail to customize these practices for their unique cloud goals. This results in suboptimal ROI.
  4. Sometimes comprehensive migration roadmaps are too detailed for the IT leaders to understand and follow through the cloud journey, leaving them with little clarity to guide the migration team.

What we do

Data Management Service
Strategy Planning
Checking the cloud-readiness of your enterprise and determining the right cloud applications for your business
Data Management Service
Infrastructure Assessment
Assessing whether the capabilities of your current infrastructure are aligned with the best practices
Data Management Service
Architecture Design
Designing the right architecture by putting together existing resources and managing cloud goals
Data Management Service
Automating processes and workflows using industry-leading cloud solutions to ensure the effectiveness of migration
Data Management Service
Deploying the new cloud framework and testing the staging environment for intended functionalities, performance and scale
Data Management Service
Post-Migration Support
Providing continuous support after the migration to keep applications closely aligned with your business goals

Our Services

Vendor Selection

Our experts help you compare different cloud vendor offerings and select the right vendor based on your enterprise technology requirements.

Strategic Roadmap

Based on your existing business scenario, we create a comprehensive roadmap for the migration with minimal disruption to the in-progress workflows.

Infrastructure Migration

We deliver a customized strategy to migrate your legacy business applications and databases to the cloud, in the expected manner.

Data Migration

We apply our data analytics expertise and industry best practices to enable end-to-end data migration, with a meticulous focus on data privacy policies.

Ongoing Support

Our support does not end with migration. Our certified cloud experts ensure the smooth continuity of your operations with round-the-clock operational assistance.

Cloud-native Capabilities

After the secure migration, we advise you on how you can leverage cloud-native technologies to maximize your investment in the cloud.

Our Cloud Services

Cloud Migration

Migrate your workload to cloud infrastructure quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cloud Engineering

Leverage cloud-native capabilities to design custom solutions for your enterprise.

DevOps Engineering

Release new products with increased reliability and accelerated time-to-market.

GitHub Consulting

Seamless migration of years of source code to GitHub Enterprise Server/cloud

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