Syren’s Common Data Platform (CDP) offers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade data management framework that can ingest any data type across all data lakes. So, you can make effective data-driven decisions while ensuring governance and compliance.

Get what it takes to build a data-first organization

Building a data-first platform to enable your organization to make decisions, generate insights and course-correct the ship is essential. Doing it right requires process, technology, and expertise.

Syren brings all this to the table with a CDP built for enterprises such as yours. All it takes is a simple one-hour call with us to start this journey.

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Discovery to Analysis

Decision-making powered by timely and reliable data

Data-driven decisions lead to superior outcomes. The Syren CDP enables users to easily search and access the data they need while ensuring its trustworthiness.

Enhanced analytical capabilities for high performance

Get a comprehensive view of your organization's data. Expand your analytical capabilities to drive operational efficiencies and respond to changes on the go.

Track the flow of your data throughout its lifecycle

Beginning from data ingestion, Syren CDP’s data lineage module coverage includes recording, transformation, and visualization as data flows from data sources to consumption. 

Access your data in any format and anywhere

Syren CDP provides clear access mechanisms to ensure that all those who need to access the data can access it – real-time, easily, and readily.

Optimize performance with meaningful insights

Extract actionable intelligence from your business data to detect and address problems early, streamline processes, improve operational efficiency, and improve performance.

Syren enables data-driven decision-making to help you achieve superior business outcomes

The CDP Platform

Get seamless data ingestion to your specifications

Syren offers pre-built plugins for various databases, clouds, and integration-ready processes for ERP systems. It ensures seamless data ingestion and high data quality at all stages of ingestion.

Manage how your data works without breaking a sweat

Syren’s support lets you manage the volume, velocity, and variety of data through a single interface. It also provides visibility of risks and ensures trust by enhancing protection.

Integrate with a wide variety of enterprise systems

Syren’s common data platform is easy to connect to various source systems, such as ERP systems and cloud storage as well as other SaaS systems through API connectors.

Stay privacy compliant by eliminating data leak risk

Ensure data classification, compliance, discovery, and information lifecycle management. Follow privacy compliances such as GDPR and CCPA among others mandated by your regulator.

Make better decisions with complete and high-quality data 

Maintain the completeness and quality of your data throughout its lifecycle to improve analytics results and -decision-making to achieve superior business outcomes.

Syren’s common data platform offers comprehensive data management support and maximizes the value of your data.

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