Common Data Platform

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Common Data Platform

The growing complexity of data regulations, varied data frameworks, and data governance issues are a few of the major challenges in achieving data-driven success today.

Syren’s common data platform navigates these challenges with a comprehensive, enterprise-grade data management framework that can ingest any data type across all data lakes. It enables data-driven decisions to power advanced analytics while ensuring governance and compliance.

Data Migration Consulting

Let our experts help you with seamless data migration to enable better data visibility and analysis.

Metadata Management

Create an enterprise-wide view of data catalog with data dictionary, business context, lineage and lifecycle.

Data Assessment and Quality

Maintain the quality of your data throughout its lifecycle to improve analytics results and business outcomes.

Data Governance

Ensure data classification, compliance, discovery, and information lifecycle management with Syren’s proven support.

Connect with Any Source

Syren’s common data platform is easy to connect to various source systems, such as ERP systems and cloud storages as well as other SaaS systems through API connectors.

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