Provision Virtual Desktops at a scale 

Provide pre-configured custom virtual desktops at a scale that is needed for your organization.

Share licenses, ensure safety of data, make compliance easier and remove business ops hindrances.

Syren can help setup desktop-as-a-service for hundreds and manage the entire process efficiently.

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Why do you need Desktop as a Service (DaaS) 

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Service within Minutes
Spin up enterprise-ready desktop environments for all employees within minutes, not hours or days.
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Windows, Linux, and your favorite apps
Choose between Windows or Linux desktops with all your approved applications installed and working for different employees – developers, support or contact center reps.
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Security and Safety Guaranteed
Virtual desktops ensure that you have complete control over users’ desktops which are integrated with your authentication systems – Active Directory, OAuth or any other.
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Industry Compliances
Industry-required compliances are a breeze to manage with DaaS. All industry, regulatory and best-practice compliances are followed and verified frequently.
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License & Cost Management
With sharing of OS licenses and other software, DaaS eliminates unnecessary costs and reduces both short-term and long-term IT infrastructure costs.
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Productivity & Agility
With a centrally managed DaaS, propagating changes to the working environment are instant.

Syren DaaS Services


Syren’s Advantage 

  1. Compliance First Service Design
  2. 24X7 Services
  3. Centrally Managed
  4. Security
  5. Long-Term Cost Analysis
  6. Upgrades & Long-Term Strategy

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