Data Observability

Managing data has never been easier. Syren Common Data Platform (CDP) is a one-stop data lakehouse with advanced management capabilities that enable you to do more with data.

"Unlock Your Data's Full Potential with Data Observability”

Discover the 5 Pillars of Data Observability to Ensure Your Data Health. Automated monitoring and analysis of data are essential for enterprises to understand the health of their data systems. Data observability tools provide valuable insights into data quality and reliability, ensuring a reliable and effective flow of data across data pipelines. Don't let unreliable data hold you back - ensure your data is healthy with data observability.

Looking to evolve into a data-first organization? The Syren CDP helps you do that.

Data Insights Unleashed: Observability Is Key!

With the power of data observability in your hands, you can meet compliance, reduce risks and improve decision-making with accelerated precision.

Proactive monitoring spots errors while they're small to limit costly downtime when problems arise; organizations have a clear view across departments for better collaboration and innovation opportunities.

Businesses are empowered to uncover insights that drive value forward - ultimately streamlining performance like never before!

Data Currency & Freshness

Real-time data monitoring is essential for informed decision making in any efficient data system. It ensures the most recent information remains at your fingertips, allowing you to make reliable choices quickly and confidently.

Data Integrity

Companies that utilize efficient data management systems are better equipped to make important decisions with confidence - developing a robust framework for accurate, reliable and compliant information. Leveraging such insights can lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness throughout the organization.

Scale of Data

With data flow monitoring, organizations gain reliable access to large volumes of high-quality information enabling fast and accurate decisions. This helps make sure their operations run smoothly while maximizing efficiency.

Data Models

Harnessing the power of data requires careful attention to accuracy and organization. Data consistency is essential for optimal decision-making, allowing businesses to make informed choices that drive growth and success.


Knowing the provenance of your data is essential for companies to remain compliant, secure and up-to-date. Lineage tracking helps organizations gain an invaluable understanding into their information's past - giving them peace of mind that governance standards have been met and insights are accurate.

Stay Ahead of Data-curve with Syren CDP

Syren CDP’s Data Observability provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help enterprises build on their data and achieve specific outcomes. From streamlining data access to enhancing data analysis, we help organizations unlock the full potential of their data.

Streamline Data Access

Unlock the full potential of your data by providing secure, role-based access to the right people.

Enhance decision-making and reduce risk by ensuring that everyone has the data they need when they need it.

Improve Data Quality

Ensure data accuracy and completeness with automated data profiling and validation.

Improve data quality and reduce errors by identifying and fixing data issues before they cause problems.

Optimize Data Integration

Integrate data from multiple sources with ease, simplifying data management and improving data accuracy.

Optimize data integration to achieve a single source of truth for your organization's data.

Enhance Data Analysis

Unlock insights and drive business value by leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning.

Enhance data analysis with a comprehensive suite of data visualization and exploration tools.

Ensure Data Security & Compliance

Protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

Achieve peace of mind by implementing robust data security and governance policies.


Syren’s common data platform is easy to connect to various source systems, such as ERP systems and cloud storages as well as other SaaS systems through API connectors.


Syren Cloud has helped clients to reengineer core IT products, build end-to-end data management platforms, decision support systems or transform entire digital operating systems. Here’s a short selection of our clients who absolutely adore us.



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