Data Made Easy to
Ingest and Analyse

From data ingestion to management to comprehensive data analysis to extract meaningful insights, Syren makes it seamless - and effortless.

Data Ingestion

Seamless Data Ingestion to your Specifications

Syren offers pre-built plugins for various databases, clouds, and integration-ready processes for ERP systems. It ensures seamless data ingestion, high data quality at all stages of ingestion, and safety systems that are built to your business needs.

Syren brings all this to the table with a CDP built for enterprises such as yours. All it takes is a simple one-hour call with us to start this journey.

Syren's Data Ingestion Solution

Take and ingest all types of data from any source

The Syren CDP can ingest any type of data – structured, unstructured, semi-structured, or streaming data – from all sources - internal, partner or public data.

With custom-built readily available plugins, Syren CDP ensures a seamless experience.

Ingest data using a wide variety of technologies

We have developed a system that is compatible with a wide variety of ingesting technologies, such as API, JSON files, Excel Files, CSV Files, and others. So, irrespective of the source technology, you can take and ingest data without a pause in your operations.

Integrate pretty much everything

We have custom plugins for your ERPs, specific databases, SAP, and most of the enterprise systems that you currently use. As for other systems, we can build one expeditiously. We have experience building custom plug-ins for several organizations and can build them for you in no time.

Ensure high-quality, frequent, and performant data

While transporting the data within the data lake, you need clear routing rules and automation processes. We configure it by the frequency that your business operations need – whether it is in real-time or in batches. We consider this core activity that is separate from other activities.

Start your Data Journey with Syren’s CDP Designed for the Data Needs of Enterprises Like yours!

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Data Security and Audit

Manage how your data works without breaking a sweat.

Work with Syren to easily manage all your data, the data pipeline, and data at rest in the data platform. Syren’s support lets you manage the volume, velocity, and variety of data through a single interface. It also provides visibility of risks and ensures trust by enhancing protection.

Lets you manage the volume, velocity, and variety of data through a single interface.

Data Platform Reimagined


Quality, Security, and Availability

Check the status of your data pipelines’ security, quality and availability through the administration interface. Ensure that all pipelines are working and active and that all those who need access get it.


Data Platform Administration

Ensure that all those who need access get it, check to see if those who shouldn’t have access do not have it. Manage your users, administer the system and ensure that all your compliance metrics are met.

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Seamless Data Integration for your Enterprise

Syren’s common data platform is easy to connect to various source systems, such as ERP systems and cloud storages as well as other SaaS systems through API connectors.

Governance and Compliance

Centralized Governance at a Scale

Meet the demands of your data governance, privacy, regulatory and technology teams from a single pane. The Syren CDP ensures that legal and regulatory policies can be configured and compliance ensured.

All data assets are protected at transit and rest. Compliance reporting is automated and reporting is standardized to your needs.

Worried about Data Governance
and Regulatory Compliance?
Syren can Help!

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Data Quality

  • PII Data Removal

    Stay privacy compliant by eliminating data leak risk

    The Syren CDP help you remove PII information and anonymize PII data and follow privacy compliances such as GDPR and CCPA among others mandated by your regulator.

  • Error and Deduplication Removal

    Ensure completeness and accuracy of data at the source

    Identify and remove duplicate records from one or multiple sources. So, your data is error-free at the source rather than while in the data platform.

  • Data Standardization

    Standardize your data across the organization

    The Syren process enables you to create consistent data models by standardizing data. It improves the accessibility and reliability of data and makes it easier to use.

  • Data Testing

    Test your data before storing it in the platform

    Ensure that your data meets your quality parameters. It results in simpler metrics such as automation script pass/fail, validations, screenshots, errors among others.



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