Migration to GitHub Made Simpler

Move your other code repositories and tooling to GitHub with an easy and fast process.

Syren Cloud’s code, process and tooling migration consulting service make it easy and fast through specialized templates, custom scripts, and expert consultants.

We migrate not only your code repository but also your build, test and process management tools along with it in days – not weeks or months. Thus, your dev teams can pick it up without interruption and seamlessly.

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    Tools We Migrate You from

    Migration Tools
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    With Syren Cloud’s dev process migration, we migrate your code repository to GitHub while enabling:

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    We can integrate additional tools to fit your process. Just ask us here.

      Service Portfolio

      With Syren Cloud’s dev process migration, we migrate your code repository to GitHub while enabling:

      Code PR

      Code & PR Commit History Migration

      We ensure that your important history of code and PR commits, along with the necessary artifacts, are stored and migrated to the new repo.

      User Migration

      User Migration & Management

      We migrate your developer accounts with associated security and permissions so that you do not have to fiddle with them again.


      Error Management & Process Stabilization

      Your current development processes or the newly designed processes run better with GitHub and new dev tooling.

      Project Management

      Project Management

      History of project management and tasks is accurately migrated so you do not skip a beat in your dev, and continue to develop software just as smoothly as or better than before.

      File Attachments

      File & Attachments

      All project, code and tooling artifacts essential to your dev process are your new repository and project management tooling.

      Additional Tooling

      Additional Tooling Migration or Replacement

      Your new code repository works with your choice of new tooling, current or new ones, such as CircleCI or any other CI/CD or DevOps tools – just as well as you want it.


      Support and Handholding

      We provide continuous support and training for as long and often as you need, while your migration is guided by our experts.

      Simplified Process

      1. Clear interview and study of your processes and target environment. Policy, licensing and user needs study
      2. Detailed project, risk and security management plan along with detailed timelines and approval
      3. Use of Syren Cloud’s templates, scripts and custom code for migration. Migration of user permissions, and access rights.
      4. Test for accuracy in migration along with user policy adherence, and security protocols
      5. Parallel run and duplication of code across current and new code repositories, when possible
      6. Hand-over and training on the processes for the new code repository solution and associated tools
      7. Live support till complete error-free dev process implementation on new tooling and platforms

      Our Services

      1. Comprehensive portfolio including assessment, planning, migration, training and post-migration support
      2. Assessment of the existing environment and preparing it for migration
      3. Detailed, clearly defined roadmap for complete DevOps implementation enabled by GitHub
      4. Seamless migration of years of source code to GitHub Enterprise Server/cloud
      5. Overview of the latest GitHub features and their application
      6. Training and guidance by experts on GitHub usage and best practices
      7. Cloud vendor exit strategy planning

      Ask us for a free initial study of the best practices and project plan on how to simplify your migration to GitHub.

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