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With distributed developer, testing and support teams, the last thing that should hinder operations should IT infrastructure – managing especially, protecting and enabling essential infrastructure.

Infra management should help dev teams become productive, and not be a hindrance.

Syren’s infrastructure automation and service delivery framework enables teams with uptodate infra needs, monitors security, usage, billing and administration and production loads. 

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DevOps Ready Infra Management 

Syren specializes in delivering solutions to boost business productivity and accelerate growth by deriving maximum benefits from the cloud.

Our proven experience in AWS and Microsoft Azure environments enables you to develop, migrate, expand and manage your workflows efficiently. 

Automation at the heart of Infrastructure 

Syren builds complete automated infrastructure management solutions for your context and for your organization. 

With automation at the heart of our service delivery framework, we automate when possible, let our experts manage when required and let you reap the benefits.

Infra Challenges We Solve

Lack of Automation
Lack of Automation
Lacking an automation-first approach puts your behind the curve and behind your competition. It also affects service deliverability, long-term costs and developer responsiveness.
Long Term Strategy
Long Term Strategy
Not automating infrastructure needs affects long term strategy planning, support, technical advancement among other long-term needs.
Higher Costs
Higher Costs
Even with lower cloud costs by all major providers you still miss cost reduction or management opportunities. An long-term cost element which rises more than it should.
Delayed Responses
Delayed Responses
When IT is busy fielding immediate requests, you lost the ability to focus on long-term needs. This hinders software development, delivery and project management in the long-term.
Upgrade Management
Upgrade Management
Managing dev, test, staging and other environments – each of which has unique characteristics – leads to a smorgasbord of patch and upgrade requirements, which cannot be managed internally.
Multi Cloud
Multi Cloud
With on-prem, multi-cloud and multi-environment needs, along with differing needs for each project and each client, managing infra is a challenge.
Managing users across a wide variety of roles, needs, project requirements, and each of their unique skillsets requires additional focus and time which most enterprises lack internally.
Data Management Service
Security Challenges
Missing security updates and improper configurations can lead to avoidable losses, data security and other legal implications which affect your business.

How can Syren Help?

Syren helps solve all of the challenges that come with IT infrastructure management – especially in complex multi-cloud environments with large number of projects and widespread teams each with their own specific needs and support requirements.

Syren’s automated approach to infrastructure management ensures quick support response, a unique approach to security and a long-term commitment to client’s infrastructure strategy

Automation First

Syren provides for advanced context specific automation either custom designed for you to manage your specific needs or uses pre-built standardized templates.

Our advanced infrastructure automation solutions are built by experts for wide-ranging enterprise needs.

Cost Management

We help accounting get an accurate picture of spend per project, client, and department. 

Our cost management experts also work to provide insight into spending and suggest cost savings whenever possible. 


Syren provides for the maintenance, upgrades and security patch management of all your cloud infrastructure.

We ensure that your dev teams work on the challenges at hand and not get sidetracked on infrastructure issues.

Permission Management

Syren ensure round the clock support for your projects and ensure that projects and dev team members are not delayed for the lack of support. 

We ensure that access to data is protected and managed. 

Infra Consulting

We consult with leadership, your experts and your teams to understand short-term needs and your long-term strategy. 

Our dedicate experts have the experience in supporting large teams plan for long term needs.


We configure and own the management and maintenance of IT infrastructure so that the safety and security of your code, data and other assets are always protected. 

Our security experts surveillance and protect against intrusions around the clock.

Cloud Management

We work to ensure that your cloud environments across the organization are well managed and maintained.

Our tools and experts ensure that all cloud environments are protected, and costs managed 24X7.

24X7 Support

Syren provides support 24X7 and is ever present to support all your infra management needs at any time.

We ensure that your teams across all time zones are supported by expert personnel who know your org policies and needs. 

Infrastructure as a Service

  1. Cloud Automation and Orchestration
  2. DevOps Process Management and Automation
  3. Templatized Environments for all needs
  4. Proof of Concept and Demo Environment Management
  5. Cloud Burst Environment Creation and Support
  6. Administration & Cost Management
  7. 24X7 Support
  8. Long-Term Strategy & Support
  9. Security and Access Management


Syren provides world class infrastructure automation and management services with a long-term aim to reduce costs while maintaining service standards and security. The service is designed, built and serviced by experts to suit your specific needs.

Automation First Approach 

SLA Driven Service 

Cloud Infrastructure Experts 

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