Lucid Helps Manage Dev Teams Better

Knowing what your dev teams are doing better and visualizing the right data facilitates faster innovation.

Taking advantage of all data available from your dev pipeline tools leads to better insight and course correction.

Learn how Syren’s Lucid Platform can improve your developer and engineering team productivity.

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    Lucid Platform for Engineering Leaders

    Your software development is critical to your business. Weekly excel reports or sometimes a simple tracker is the only way you know the status of all your initiatives.

    Syren’s Lucid Platform helps you generate greater insight into your dev projects.

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    Lucid Platform’s Key Features

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    Project Status

    View the status of your dev project in detail.
    Be on top of project progress at every level – initiative, project, epic, story or even task-level.
    Track status and improve delivery productivity at all levels, both internal and external.
    Know where you stand at any time in the project.

    quality status

    Quality Status

    Set up automated quality checks at all levels.
    Build a big picture idea of the quality being delivered to your organization. Find out how the quality of the code is being tested, how they fare and mitigation efforts by your vendors.
    Understand the status of your testing efforts before they become show-stoppers.

    data driven analysis

    Data Driven Analysis

    Analyze data from all SDLC tools – yours as well as your vendors’.
    Integrate and analyze data from several tools throughout the SDLC, no matter how complex or advanced your tooling is. Dive into details when necessary to improve the SDLC lifecycle.
    Get unparalleled insights into the entire SDLC for effectiveness and efficiency.

    project prediction

    Project Prediction

    Improve software delivery prediction and process.
    Meet delivery timelines and predict feature release with better accuracy. Solve issues that hinder faster delivery and improve release cycles while ensuring high quality.
    Meet internal deadlines for project and feature release. Improve efficiency and reduce the impact of bad tooling

    analyze vendor performance

    Analyze Vendor Performance

    Analyze vendor time management, quality and cost performance.
    Monitor vendor performance, billing and quality of deliverables. Build a comprehensive understanding of the quality of vendor resources, planning ability and delivery timelines. Compare across vendors and audit processes accurately.
    Review vendor performance to reduce costs and improve the process. Get better returns on projects.

    Lucid Solves Engineering Challenges!

    Software development projects – be it for cloud migration, new feature development or for bug fixes – is always a challenge because of a lack of insights into the development, quality and project management. Solve those challenges with better, more frequent insights and with greater detail than previously possible, only through Syren’s Lucid Platform.

    Better Project Insights

    Better Project Insights

    If you are still using excel sheets to track work, you could do better.

    Syren’s Lucid platform tells you the status of your initiatives across projects, vendors and various tools throughout the SDLC – from project management and planning, source control, build, packaging, release management, code quality to monitoring tools.

    Improved Quality Insights

    Improved Quality Insights

    Relying on the simplified quality dashboard only gives you a part picture.

    Lucid is designed to gather signals from analyzing test suites and monitoring tools, among others, to build a comprehensive picture of vendors’ deliverables.

    No more unreviewed PRs, no more missed test cases and better insights into code quality.

    Plethora of Sources

    Plethora of Sources

    Relying on more than a few dashboards to understand the project status is hard to do; neither is it aggregative.

    Lucid collects data from all the SDLC tools in your repertoire (and your vendors’ tools) to provide insight not available from any of these other dashboards individually.

    Our expertise in analyzing SDLC data is an added advantage.

    Increased dexterity and faster to market

    Increased dexterity and faster to market

    Reducing feature time to market and meeting project deadlines is your goal. How are you analyzing this?

    Syren’s Lucid provides detailed metrics on the time it takes from the start of your initiative and time to market. This helps determine which tool, process or team is holding you back from doing more and what to focus on improving throughout the process to maximize RoI. This is no matter which dev philosophy you follow – agile, waterfall or your own.

    Our recommendations to improve time to market are an added advantage.

    Team Insights

    Team Insights

    Build a greater understanding of your teams’ performance in various aspects of the SDLC. Mitigate blockages rapidly and remove roadblocks to a faster feature release process.

    Lucid provides alerts and insights into where your dev team or your vendor dev team are stuck to quickly solve issues.

    Do not wait for the hindrance to affect your timelines or quality even before your team tells you.


    Integrating with some of your favorite tools and those of your vendors, Lucid ingests data from a wide variety of tools throughout your development process to provide you unparalleled insights.

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    We can integrate additional tools to fit your process. Just ask us here.

      The Lucid Promise



      Your data is yours. We do not access your data without your permission based on agreed guidelines.



      All data is protected by encryption at rest and during transmission.

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      Always Available

      We agree to a 99.999% uptime for Lucid platform.

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      Customer Service

      You get 24X7 customer support with less than 4 hours of response time.

      Consulting & Customization

      We work with your teams to provide additional customization and consulting services to suit your business, processes and requirements.


      We price Lucid on a per developer per month basis.
      All contracts shall be monthly, providing you an option to end services at the end of the month whenever you wish.
      For a limited period and for our initial partners, we are offering a free-tier and customized to their needs. If you wish to apply for the program, fill this form.

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