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A Modern Approach to Application Development

Enterprise organizations are transforming heritage portfolios to flexible, modular application development management portfolios by implementing next-generation processes defined by speed, efficiency and resilience. By adopting agile methods, what used to take developers months to release can now take mere seconds to deploy.

Adding automation and business integration into the mix makes for an efficient process. Organizations are adopting the agile approach to application development to enhance their digital transformation smartly, while keeping pace with the competition and the changing marketplace with positive customer experiences.

Strategy and Consulting

Assessing needs, requirements, and goals for the development of new cross-functional, multi-platform application. Reviewing technical design documents to ensure solutions properly leverage the company’s technology stack.

Application Integration

Enabling integration between applications and systems. Working with APIs, Web services, and connectors.

Project Management

Establishing and managing timelines. Managing the project to the agreed-to budget. Coordinating application development, implementation, and documentation.

Application Modernization

Modernizing legacy systems to align with current business needs, capitalize on new capabilities, improve agility, reduce risk, and reduce cost.

Application Management and Support

Providing application management and support services for new and existing applications. Resolving technical and functional issues as needed.

Application Maintenance

Conducting reviews to ensure standards and requirements are being met. Ensuring systems are performing optimally.

Application Design and Development

Providing a full range of development activities, including coding, testing, debugging, documenting, maintaining, and modifying applications.

Benefits of Syren’s App Development Services


Johnson & Johnson used Syren SCDM to track and manage its supply chain across a global distribution network, for both its regular products and emergency vaccines. Syren provides advanced consulting services to help provide insight and improve J&J’s medicine delivery process.

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