Working at Syren

Working at Syren can be one of the most important career moves of your life.

At Syren, we strive to bring together diverse teams, with world-class experience and different talents.

Our mission is to build a workplace where diversity is celebrated, innovation is encouraged, and hard work is rewarded.

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Why work at Syren?

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Well Rewarded
Syren’s employees enjoy some of the highest remuneration in the industry. We hire extremely talented personnel at extremely competitive salaries and perks.
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Career First Development
We tend to build career progression plans along with our employees. We ensure that there is a critical growth path for them to grow into larger roles and do better in their careers.
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Rewards & Recognition
Syren recognizes high-level performance in every area of specialization. Individuals and teams are recognized for their effort and performance with awards, cash bonuses and more.
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Employee Benefits
Syren offers a robust benefits package for every employee, in terms of monetary as well as non-monetary value. We also ensure that we provide the most tax-friendly structure for employees.
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Learning & Development
We focus on the well-rounded professional development and career progression of every employee with best-of-breed tools, ongoing training, and a variety of opportunities.
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Work-Life Balance
We have strict work-life balance policies that we actually adhere to. Performance above the call of duty is rewarded and recognized. We believe in our employees right to balance their work lives with their personal and family lives.


Best Remuneration

We tend to hire at above-Industry remuneration for all roles that we hire. This includes regular salary reviews and higher increments than normal in the industry.


Syren provides some of the best health plans for our employees. We work with you to understand your health needs and design plans suited to you and your family.


Syren’s employee-first policies help you make most of your career at Syren and beyond. Opportunities to work internationally and on challenging projects are regularly provided.

Diversity & Synergy

  • Inclusion and diversity are fundamental strengths of Syren. We see these differences as positive attributes that contribute to our success.
  • We hire intelligent and innovative minds, irrespective of age, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Women and members of the LGBTQ+ community are supported and encouraged to achieve their best, not just with access to protection afforded by the laws of the countries we operate in, but through access to additional resources and protections.

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