Leverage data across the enterprise

Control Tower Excellence

Increase visibility across your entire supply chain, integrate all data from all enterprise systems and build real-time intelligence.

Get end-to-end control to make optimal logistics decisions, detect and address critical issues faster, and meet customer demands optimally and cost-effectively.

Supply Chain Expertise

Build a complex and comprehensive supply chain management system and leverage our expertise in supply chain management to reduce costs and improve processes.

Establish an agile, resilient, and sustainable supply chain to navigate unexpected disruptions and support your business goals with optimized operations.

Pharma Industry

Workflows initiated from the control tower to act on the alerts.

Ensure the time availability and accessibility of medication to patients with optimized operations, while staying compliant with regulations.


Data at the heart of everything

Built on data excellence and technology expertise, from ingesting data from all enterprise sources, to building data warehouses, for intelligent data analysis to scale, and our prediction models to help provide actionable guides – all to help you build better, efficient and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

  • Works with all enterprise systems
  • Data safety and security guarantee
  • Customizable to your needs, not that of the generic market
  • Analysis and actionable intelligence.

Consulting Services

Our consulting support framework is designed to improve and expedite decision-making and boost supply chain productivity. So, let your teams focus on core business while Syren takes it from here.

Enhance strategic decisions and productivity with Syren’s custom data consulting services.


Johnson & Johnson used Syren SCDM to track and manage its supply chain across a global distribution network, for both its regular products and emergency vaccines.Syren provides advanced consulting services to help provide insight and improve J&J’s medicine delivery process.


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