Control Tower Case Study

Control Tower's
Customer Story

Complete control and visibility of all the details of your supply chain operations is just the beginning of what you can achieve with Syren’s control tower solution.

Enhancing Pharma Supply Chain with Syren’s Control Tower

Within the pharmaceutical sector, effective supply chain management plays a pivotal role in delivering essential products to patients and hospitals on a global scale. This case study delves into the transformative journey of a prominent pharmaceutical giant, which harnessed the power of Syren's Control Tower solution. This effort not only changed their supply chain operations but also pivoted their performance to heightened levels of achievement.


This major pharmaceutical company encountered obstacles in achieving real-time visibility, predicting and generating insights from their current data, and facilitating smooth teamwork between disparate teams. In a complicated system involving raw materials, production, distribution, and customer interactions - maintaining efficient processes and timely decision-making was of utmost importance.

Syren’s Control Tower Implementation

End-to-end Monitoring and Notifications

Syren’s Control Tower introduced end-to-end visibility, offering real-time insights into every aspect of the supply chain, from raw materials to end customers. Alerts generated at crucial milestones provided timely notifications, enabling swift responses to any deviations from the planned processes.


The organization harnessed the power of data insights for informed decision-making. With dashboards representing operational KPIs and process goals, management gained a holistic view of performance, aiding strategic planning and resource allocation.

Collaborative Actionability

The Control Tower facilitated seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams. When alerts for days on hand falling below target, unexpected sell-in changes, or forecast consumption anomalies arose, teams were empowered to collaboratively devise and execute corrective actions.

Innovative Architecture Integration

The architecture implemented a data platform that efficiently gathered data from various sources, including SAP, Demand planning systems, and Quality Systems. Leveraging L0 objects to build L2 business objects streamlined data management. Insights were extracted through L3/L4 layers, while Azure Synapse ensured efficient data caching and visualization.

Efficient Workflow Management

The Core Platform Architecture used Databricks to collect functional systems' data, triggering ADF jobs for processing and creating alerts. The Workflow Engine managed workflows for each alert publisher, ensuring effective coordination among teams. Recommendations and actions were seamlessly supported by the Control Tower API.

Optimized Analytics

The Analytics Platform enhanced decision-making by providing Business Intelligence and reporting on L2, L3, and Alert Store data. Machine learning models were trained on alert data and functional systems data, enriching insights and enabling AI-powered services.

Control Tower Portal UI

At the core of the Control Tower App Architecture, the Control Tower Portal UI serves as the central hub for alerts, offered in both conventional dashboard and interactive digital twin formats. It allows independent onboarding of alert publishers, managed by defined business rules within the core platform. Each publisher configures tailored action workflows and recommendations, while integrated BI reports enhance data exploration. The Workflow Engine handles configuration, and the Action Orchestrator oversees actions and ML-based recommendations, streamlining proactive decision-making.


The implementation of Syren Control Tower led to remarkable improvements for our pharmaceutical partner:


The organization achieved end-to-end visibility, facilitating timely intervention and minimizing disruptions.

Informed Decision-Making

Dashboards and insights empowered strategic decisions, optimizing processes and resource allocation.

Collaborative Efficiency

Teams collaborated seamlessly to address alerts, reducing response time and enhancing corrective actions.

Streamlined Operations

The innovative architecture enhanced data management, streamlined workflows, and improved data-driven operations.

Enhanced Analytics

Business Intelligence and machine learning-driven insights elevated decision-making capabilities.

Holistically, with the implementation of our solution, our pharmaceutical partner witnessed a transformative shift in their supply chain management. Real-time visibility, predictive insights, and collaborative actions harmonized to optimize operations, ensuring they remained at the forefront of the industry's evolving demands.