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Unlock the potential of your cost-to-deliver strategy with Syren’s comprehensive solution that encompasses elaborate data analysis, labor optimization, and logistics management.

Optimizing Delivery Efficiency for a Leading Pharma Company with Syren's CTD Solution

The pharmaceutical industry operates in a complex and dynamic environment where efficient delivery of products is crucial for success. One leading pharma company faced significant challenges in managing its delivery operations, resulting in increased costs and compromised efficiency.

To address these issues, the company turned to Syren's Customer Analytics Cost to Deliver (CTD) solution. This case study explores how the company implemented the CTD solution to revolutionize its delivery efficiency, focusing on warehouse costs, transport costs, and overhead costs.

Understanding CTD Challenges

The pharma company faced several challenges that hindered its delivery operations

Communication Complexities Impact Efficiency

Disjointed communication channels and intricate collaboration among teams delayed decision-making and project execution, leading to extended time-to-market.

Insights Gap in Strategic Planning

Lack of valuable insights into market trends, customer behavior, and competitive landscape hampered the formulation of effective business strategies.

Data-Driven Strategy Limitations

Inadequate access to deep insights from analytics prevented decision-makers from refining business strategies and optimizing processes.

Data Automation Challenges

Manual data manipulation efforts consumed excessive time and introduced errors, compromising decision-making and resource allocation.

Limited Visibility of Order Patterns

Incomplete visibility into customer order patterns hindered the company's ability to forecast demand fluctuations and manage inventory optimally.

Consistency Struggles in Information

Inconsistent reporting practices across teams created challenges in accessing accurate information for trustworthy reporting and analysis.

Operational Benchmarking Barriers

Identifying areas for improvement and streamlining processes was a challenge, leading to increased costs and compromised efficiency.

Scaling Analytics Constraints

Limited capabilities for in-depth data analysis restricted the company from uncovering hidden patterns and insights.

Syren's Approach

Syren's CTD solution addressed these challenges through a customized approach:

Customized Data Integration and Modeling

The solution cleansed and combined data to provide tailored analysis for precise insights.

Scale Analytics Capabilities

Syren's approach empowered strategic analytics, enabling customer profitability assessment and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

Critical in Strategizing and Decision Making

The solution's effortless reports and visualizations streamlined decision-making processes.

Performance Monitoring

Granular metrics enabled the tracking of trends, identification of improvement areas, and informed decision-making.

CTD Solution Implementation

The implementation of Syren's CTD solution yielded significant advantages for the pharma company:

Unlocking Granular Cost Insights

The solution delved deep into delivery costs, providing accurate expense breakdowns, including warehouse, transportation, customer service, and overhead costs.

Empowered Decision-Making

Intuitive dashboards presented dynamic visuals that dissected distribution costs, revealing trends, patterns, and opportunities for informed decisions.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

CTD pinpointed top-performing areas and optimization opportunities, leading to improved delivery efficiency, order consolidation, and supply chain streamlining.

Custom Insights

The solution tailored visualization options, ensuring that the provided insights aligned with the company's specific requirements.

Effortless Integration

Powered by Azure Data Lake and Looker, the solution integrated seamlessly, enabling the company to transition swiftly and unlock its delivery potential.

Cost Optimization Strategies

Warehouse Cost Optimization

The solution broke down warehouse costs into various components, such as admin, picking, packing, shipping, inbound handling, loading, storage, and consumables costs. This granular analysis allowed the company to identify specific areas where costs could be optimized. By leveraging the Equal Distribution Approach and Effort Based Distribution Approach, the company allocated costs per sales order line, improving resource allocation effectiveness.

Transport Cost Optimization

Syren's solution provided comprehensive transportation cost aggregation strategies, including transportation cost per delivery, per delivery line, and automation through carrier data integration. It allowed the company to accurately allocate costs for various transportation components like freight, maneuver, custody, reverse logistics, and taxes. This precision aided the company in minimizing transportation costs while maintaining delivery efficiency.

Overhead Cost Optimization

The solution offered different allocation methods for overhead costs, such as fixed and variable overhead costs per delivery line or per product quantity. These approaches enabled the company to allocate overhead costs accurately and identify areas where fixed and variable overhead expenses could be reduced. This optimization strategy improved overall cost management.


Our CTD solution was instrumental in optimizing delivery operations for the leading pharma company. By addressing challenges in warehouse costs, transport costs, and overhead costs, the company achieved improved efficiency, reduced expenses, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Syren's CTD solution marked the beginning of a transformative journey!