DQS Case Study

A High Data Quality
Success Story

Help enterprises ensure that their data is accurate and reliable by leveraging Syren’s solution that improves the consistency, integrity, and quality of data.

How Did a Pharma Organization Improve Its Data Quality?

A prominent pharmaceutical company seeks to ensure data accuracy, security, and reliability across various departments and systems. To address these challenges, Syren's Data Quality App (DQA), a comprehensive tool, was designed to track and manage data updates, while enhancing data quality and security.


The pharma giant faces hurdles in maintaining the accuracy and security of critical pharmaceutical data used for decision-making. Challenges include interpreting complex data sources accurately, managing comprehensive cleansing rules, identifying and consolidating duplicate records, and ensuring robust data governance. Additionally, integrating Data Quality Service (DQS) with existing systems poses a technical challenge, potentially disrupting data flow.

Syren’s Approach

The tool utilizes data profiling to gain insights that facilitate data quality assessment and informed decision-making. Rule management capabilities streamline the creation, scheduling, and execution of data processing protocols, ensuring data is kept fresh and current.

The tool also supports multiple environments, enabling the organization to segregate stages of rule development and testing. Data from various sources, such as clinical databases and ERP systems, can be integrated and analyzed, providing valuable insights to stakeholders.


Data Integrity and Reliability

Syren’s DQA ensures that pharmaceutical data remains accurate, reliable, and up to date, leading to well-informed and confident decision-making

Data Security and Compliance

Robust security measures, including data encryption, role-based access control, and secure authentication, protect sensitive pharmaceutical data, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Streamlined Data Governance

DQS centralizes data onboarding, validation, and profiling, simplifying data governance and increasing control over pharmaceutical data.

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaborative features in DQS foster seamless workflow management and collaboration among different departments, improving cross-functional decision-making.


Optimized Cata Operations

Efficient rule management and data profiling streamline data operations, optimiXing performance and resource allocation in pharmaceutical processes.

Improved Healthcare Outcomes

Reliable and accurate pharmaceutical data enables Johnson & Johnson to make better medical decisions, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes for patients.

Cata Privacy and Trust

The robust security measures implemented by DQS enhance data privacy and foster trust among stakeholders, ensuring sensitive information is safeguarded.

Syren's DQA proves to be a valuable solution for the pharma company’s data quality and security challenges. By leveraging DQA’s comprehensive features, the pharma company ensured the accuracy and security of pharmaceutical data, leading to better medical decisions, improved healthcare outcomes, and enhanced data governance