Future-proof your Supply Chain!

Experience the transformative power of T&T as the innovative approach provides real-time insights throughout the entire supply chain journey, optimizing efficiency, inventory management, and quality control. Gain unparalleled accuracy and transparency by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and elevate customer expectations.

Enterprise Track and Trace Challenges

Supply Chain Challenges

Managing a diverse range of assets, from small everyday items to complex instrument collections, poses a dynamic challenge. Tailored strategies for efficient handling and utilization are essential for organizations to maintain smooth operations.

Integrating state-of-the-art IoT-based solutions into well-established frameworks like Salesforce and ERP platforms is a significant complexity. The intricacy arises from the need to seamlessly weave cutting-edge IoT technology into systems that have been in place, often for an extended period.

Ensuring this integration is seamless and cohesive, without disrupting existing operations, demands a strategic approach and technical finesse.

As the adoption of IoT-driven procedures continues to expand on a global scale, organizations face a multifaceted challenge in the realm of change management. This transformational shift can encounter resistance, partly because it involves moving away from well-established and familiar conventional processes./p>

OOvercoming this resistance and ensuring a smooth transition to IoT-driven methodologies requires a comprehensive strategy that considers not only technological integration but also cultural shifts and effective communication.

Syren’s Approach to Track and Trace Solution

Diverse Asset Management

Diverse Asset Management

Utilizing IoT and advanced technology to manage various asset types, our solution offers an adaptable framework with strong security. It seamlessly integrates IoT sensors and devices for customized asset tracking.

Effortless Integration

Effortless Integration

Syren ensures smooth integration through careful planning and IoT-driven security protocols. Data synchronization mechanisms maintain accuracy and security while handling integration complexities.

Change Management Principles

Change Management Principles

Syren's approach prioritizes transparent IoT-enabled communication, benefit communication, and user-friendly training programs, ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining stringent security measures.

User-Centric Dashboard

User-Centric Dashboard

Our innovative solution includes a user-tailored web dashboard for customized reporting. It simplifies complex data into intuitive visualizations, enhancing user engagement with IoT capabilities, providing deep operational insights.

T&T Product Guide

T&T Product Guide

Experience the revolutionary power of T&T with real-time insights across your supply chain, optimizing efficiency, inventory management, and quality control. Utilize cutting-edge technologies to enhance accuracy and transparency, elevating customer expectations. Want to know how? Contact us today!

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The Syren Solution Implementation Advantage

Seamless Scalability

Incorporating IoT-powered Azure cloud technology, our solution seamlessly scales, ensuring uninterrupted asset tracking and management, even during peak demand, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Real-time Tracking

Our solution transforms asset tracking with real-time insights using IoT technology and Azure Event Hub. IoT data provides precise, instant asset location information for informed decision-making and improved services.

Responsive Operations

Optimal response times result from the synergy between Azure Functions and IoT triggers. IoT-powered serverless functions deliver real-time alerts, asset updates, automated inventory management, dynamic reporting, and robust security concurrently.

Enhanced Interconnectivity

Exploration into IoT and cloud technology sets the foundation for heightened interconnectivity across departments and processes. The integration driven by IoT unlocks new levels of efficiency and collaboration within a secure framework.

Data-Driven Insights

IoT tracking provides real-time data for valuable insights, enabling organizations to refine processes, anticipate trends, make informed decisions, and optimize efficiency while maintaining strong security practices.

Syren's Readymade Solutions

Syren's experts help you streamline the supply chain process with its pre-made solutions.


On-Time In-Full (OTIF)

Uses real-time data for efficiency and satisfaction.


Cost to Deliver (CTD)

Optimizes costs with data analysis and logistics.


Data Quality Services (DQS)

Ensures reliable data through cleansing and integration.


Available to Promise (ATP)

Optimizes inventory for real-time customer demand.


Slow Moving Object (SLOB)

Automates forecasting and SKU management.

Demand Management

Demand Management (DM)

Streamlines workflows with automation and technology.


Track and Trace (T&T)

Tracks emissions, enhances resilience, and engages partners.

Sustainability Tracker

Sustainability Tracker

Tracks emissions, enhances sustainability, and reduces risks.

Our Clients

Syren Cloud has helped clients to reengineer core IT products, build end-to-end data management platforms, decision support systems or transform entire digital operating systems. Here’s a short selection of our clients who absolutely adore us.

Johnson & Johnson


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