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Experience the power of optimized decisions and aligned demand and supply needs that will enable enterprises to act with resilience.

Enterprise-Sized Impediments

Enterprise Challenges

Unpredictable customer behavior disrupts decision-making, emphasizing the need for cohesive processes, synchronized systems, and aligned teams.

Failure to address seasonal inventory requirements and adapt to new trends leads to stockouts, resulting in diminished sales and compromised customer service.

Critical supply chain and financial information dispersed across multiple transaction systems hinders optimal decision-making, hindering the alignment of common business objectives.

Unforeseen disruptions in the supply chain, whether due to natural disasters, geopolitical events, or unexpected market shifts, can significantly impact operational efficiency. Developing adaptable strategies to navigate and mitigate such disruptions becomes crucial for sustaining a robust and flexible business model.

Syren’s Approach to Sales and Operations Planning

Integrated S&OP Capacity Analysis

Explore comprehensive reports on historical performances and forecasts within the Sales and Operations Planning. Evaluate the effects of demand fluctuations on supply through the utilization of the embedded rough-cut capacity planning strategy.

Streamlined Processes

Efficiently summarize demand, supply, and financials in pre-S&OP demand and supply functions. Facilitate capacity planning with our advanced solution enabled with AI and ML.

Dynamic Reporting and Advanced Capacity Analysis

Access standard S&OP reporting templates with KPIs for performance against plan and budget. Conduct instant 'what-if' analysis on utilized and available capacity. Utilize color-coded rules to highlight special situations, such as planned capacity exceeding more than 100 percent for your enterprise.

The Syren Solution Implementation Advantage

Strategic Insights Support

Our solution delivers optimal decision support, offering scorecards and dashboards for comprehensive business performance insights throughout the enterprise.

Controlled S&OP Processes

Gain the ability to generate repeatable and auditable tasks for each S&OP planning cycle, ensuring consistent execution regardless of external events.

Seamless Collaboration

Foster clear and formal collaboration and cross-functional communication with our solution, ensuring a shared company-wide vision among all enterprise stakeholders.

Adaptive Scenario Management

Model alternate initiatives to realign the plan in support of corporate objectives. Measure the impact of plan changes in adherence to enterprise goals.

Syren's Readymade Solutions

Syren's experts help you streamline the supply chain process with its pre-made solutions.


On-Time In-Full (OTIF)

Uses real-time data for efficiency and satisfaction.


Cost to Deliver (CTD)

Optimizes costs with data analysis and logistics.


Data Quality Services (DQS)

Ensures reliable data through cleansing and integration.


Available to Promise (ATP)

Optimizes inventory for real-time customer demand.


Slow Moving Object (SLOB)

Automates forecasting and SKU management.

Demand Management

Demand Management (DM)

Streamlines workflows with automation and technology.


Track and Trace (T&T)

Tracks emissions, enhances resilience, and engages partners.

Sustainability Tracker

Sustainability Tracker

Tracks emissions, enhances sustainability, and reduces risks.

Our Clients

Syren Cloud has helped clients to reengineer core IT products, build end-to-end data management platforms, decision support systems or transform entire digital operating systems. Here’s a short selection of our clients who absolutely adore us.

Johnson & Johnson

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