Control Tower

You need end-to-end supply chain visibility and control to meet customer demands efficiently while ensuring optimized and cost-effective operations – especially during these times of unprecedented and unpredictable disruption.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult due to siloed operations, expanding partner and distribution networks, and evolving business models.

Syren enables you to achieve this goal.

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Control Tower

Ensure Visibility Beyond Borders

Syren’s Control Tower brings together all concerned departments, people and systems –across all locations and networks – to coordinate and collaborate in real-time to help you meet your supply chain goals.

It offers visibility beyond what your traditional systems provide. It equips you with real- time actionable insights, so you make optimal logistics decisions and detect and address critical issues – even unforeseen events – more quickly.

And you get this absolute visibility and control on a single platform!

Operational Efficiency
Thorough Visibility
Get complete visibility across your entire supply chain system – however vast and complex it is.
Improved Applications
Predictive Intelligence
Get early warnings about supply chain disruptions and address them before they become a problem.
Faster Growth
Better Collaboration
Refine planning and distribution by creating new possibilities to collaborate with partners.

Supply Chain Data Management Platform Optimize performance across the supply chain lifecycle with Syren’s end-to-end data management solution.

Data Quality Tool Ensure high quality and compliance of your data throughout its lifecycle to improve decision-making and outcomes.

Consulting Services

Enhance strategic decisions and productivity with

Syren’s customer data consulting services.